AFCON 2023

Our coverage of the 2023 edition of the Africa Cup of Nations in Cote d'Ivoire.

Who else sorely misses the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations? Re-live the excitement from the stands in a short video by the AIAC team.

This year’s AFCON in Côte d'Ivoire showed that it’s not just the politics of the football that matters, but the politics of the vibe as well.

For Nigeria to return to the peak of African football, it needs deeper introspection about how the country functions today.

Just two weeks on from Les Elephants greatest ever triumph, the Ivorian women’s national team is at its lowest point.

Cabo Verde’s success at the Africa Cup of Nations temporarily suspended the debate on the identity of the island nation's people.

Palestine solidarity was widespread at the 2023 AFCON in Côte d'Ivoire, but the tournament's security apparatus quietly suppressed it.

Nigeria’s Men's football team does best when no one expects them to.

'Les Éléphants' quarterfinal match against Mali is happening in Cote d’Ivoire’s second largest city. Can the place once ravaged by war be a site of national redemption once again?

African football is often maligned as steeped in superstition. But rather than endemic to the continent, debates about football 'sorcery' reflect global dynamics.

How the Palancas Negras won the hearts of Angolan football fans.

The party in Abidjan is one that the whole continent is invited to.

No one should be surprised at Ghana's Afcon exit.

So far, the group stages have delivered a host of surprises at this edition of the Africa Cup of Nations. But, fans of the tournament have long come to expect the unexpected.

On this second day of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations, we’re bringing you a playlist exploring some of the most iconic songs in African football.

Three dates, in particular, were turning points in touching the hearts of Ivorians.

Our host of the African Five-a-Side podcast kicks off his coverage of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations in Cote d'Ivoire.

Africa’s biggest spectacle is happening soon. What does it take to host the African Cup of Nations?

This week on the Africa Is a Country podcast, we discuss the politics and spectacle of African football with Maher Mezahi.