Afropolitan Dreams in Brooklyn

Blitz the Ambassador's last major project was 'Native Sun.' Now he is taking the party on the road.

Promotional image for Blitz the Ambassador's "The Native Sun" (2012).

The Ghanaian-American MC, Blitz the Ambassador, is throwing a block party in Brooklyn this Saturday. Les Nubians are singing, Rimarkable and myself are DJing, and Restless City is screening. MoCADA is the host and co-sponsor. What better way to sum up our unique New York spin on Afropolitanism? Apparently (and fittingly) Blitz is taking the party around the world. I’m especially interested to what goes down in Sao Paolo as I will be making a move in the vicinity in the near future. In the meantime, see you on Saturday!

Blitz’s last major project was ‘Native Sun,’ both an album and a short film:

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