African Women, Gender, and Migration

Based on conference in Tangier, Morocco in June 2022. Organized by the African Feminist Initiative at Penn State University. Guest edited by Maha Marouan.

African women en route to Europe often land up stuck in Morocco, taking on precarious work as hairdressers and beauticians.

For African women passing through Morocco en route to Europe, begging on the streets becomes a way to support themselves, but also reinforces humiliation and shame.

Political encounters between the Arab Gulf and Africa span centuries. Mahmud Traouri's novel 'Maymuna' demonstrates the significant role of a woman’s journey from East Africa to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

How might refugee as well as forced migration studies benefit from the movement to decolonize all aspects of African Studies?

African women exercise their right to migrate, but also face dilemmas on their way to the unknown. We need policies that protect them.

African migrant women are exposed to intersectional systems of violence but are not simply victims.