10 new music videos from Tanzania, Senegal, South Africa, Cameroon, Mali, Congo, and Ghana. But first, Nigeria. Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 have a new record coming out next month. Here’s a first single, with help from Dead Prez’s M-1. In case you were unsure what Seun Kuti thinks of the “I.M.F.”:

Young Senegalese singer Ouzin Keita had people talking this week, mostly confusing the hell out of them. What we see is just another great mbalax tune though:

Also from Senegal, but in a different gear, is P.P.S the writah:

“Chef de Famille” Sango’a Mboa is joined on this track by fellow Cameroonian MCs Bashiru, Djess Panebo, O’Willer and Moustapha:

South African Yugen Blakrok releases a first animated video for ‘Darkstar Animatron’, off last year’s Return of the Astro-Goth:

Former Salif Keita backing singer Mamani Keita also has a new album coming out later this month. Here’s a first track:

A Pan-African video for Congolese rapper Teddy Benzo:

South African sounds by VaalSow on ‘Unga Tsheli Muntu’ (Don’t tell anyone” — clearly looking for trouble):

The next track, ‘Tumesimama’, by Tanzanian MCs Tycoon Shah, Fid-Q and Inspector Haroun was recently picked up by the African Hip Hop blog (who you should follow):

And the Taxi Diaries have officially arrived in Accra, Ghana. M.anifest knows how to present his music:

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