Reading List

The author of a book on football and revolution in Egypt gives us a list of must reads on football in the Middle East and North Africa.

The author and journalist shares a reading list from her time as The New York Times' Bureau Chief for West Africa.

Among the books historian Tallie has on his reading list is one about the food of the American Old South—“… a forgotten Little Africa but nobody speaks of it that way.”

The historian of South Africa on books she is reading for a new project on women and anti-apartheid activities in 1950s rural KwaZulu-Natal.

The writer, a historian, on scholarly texts, novels, and memoirs that he consulted in writing a political biography of US congressman Mickey Leland and his solidarity politics in Africa.

The writer, a historian of capitalism, white supremacy, and US imperialism, on four books he has been reading.

English Professor and Editor of Brittle Paper, recommends five books she’s been reading.

The author, a regular contributor, summarizes four new books she's been reading.