The Inequality Series

A series of short essays on the politics of inequality. Funded by the Norwegian Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund.

كأحد الناشطين في مجال حقوق الاجئين وكمهاجر عايشت كل الظروف التي يمر بها الاجئين القادمين الي

As immigrants, refugees and citizens, we must fight together to stop the rampant racism created and sustained by the government and their policies of forced isolation.

African political elites will continue to use the spoils of "development" and aid to serve their personal interests.

The writer, in graduate school in Britain, writes about the various roadblocks in the way of Africans, in his case Ugandans, to travel to Europe.

For all the good press, the majority of German society are uncomfortable with people who frame their demands from a postcolonial perspective.

There's little doubt that Chinese and Arab interests are procuring land in Africa, but a careful review of the evidence suggests also point to local buyers.

Humanitarian images have obscured the causes and political complexities of disasters, and undermined the agency of their victims—both symbolically and practically.

The Mathare Social Justice Center's activists work to shake off the menacing insults of forced evictions, tenure insecurity, police violence and increasing precarity.