The AIAC Writing Fellows Series

Funded by the Shuttleworth Foundation. Mentors: Siddhartha Mitter, Aida Alami, Benoît Challand, Grieve Chelwa, Sean Jacobs, Marissa Moorman, Sisonke Msimang, Anjali Kamat and Bhakti Shringarpure.

During Guinea-Bissau’s war of liberation, women filled key positions on the frontline. That is often forgotten in the mythology of the struggle for independence.

Xenophobia and questions of belonging haunt Indian South Africans. What does that mean for solidarity with Black South Africans?

In November 2017, Robert Mugabe was toppled in a coup. Amid this epochal change, life—and cricket—simply went on for Zimbabweans, who are still in search of a better future.

In contemporary Angola, the gap between the public discourse on culture and the on-the-ground reality of the arts and culture sector is deepening.

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En Tunisie, face au déni persistant de l'identité africaine, la communauté noire ne veut plus attendre.

Tunisia’s denial of its African identity persists today. Black Tunisians are fighting to change that.

Student militancy has revived in Burkinabè public universities over the past decade. Now, a student movement could slowly transform society.

Trevor Madondo achieved a certain immortality in Zimbabwean cricketing lore precisely for the way in which he confronted cricket’s history as an instrument of empire.

On surviving the Khartoum massacre and trying to make sense of what remains from Sudan’s revolution.

Amilcar Cabral is a household name. But what happened to the young women like Joana Gomes who helped lead Guinea Bissau’s independence struggle?

South Africa's history of indentured labor leaves behind a legacy of violence against women among the country's South Asian population.

Funded by Shuttleworth Foundation, we will support original work by 10 fellows. It makes real our goal to construct “a world where Africans are in control of their own narrative."

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