Copyright is colonialism

On AIAC Radio, DJ Ripley aka Professor Larisa Mann, and talk about her new book "Rude Citizenship" on copyright and the colonial legacy in Jamaica.

DJ Ripley. Image credit Fredric Fresh.

Africa Is a Country Radio continues its literary theme for its third season on Worldwide FM. The fourth installment takes a look at the politics of copyright, and the long history of resistance (or indifference) to that regime from the global margins. Larisa Mann aka DJ Ripley takes a look at the specific case of Jamaica in her book Rude Citizenship: Jamaican Popular Music, Copyright, and the Reverberations of Colonial Power. This episode is essential for anyone who has an interest in music industry futures, from NFTs to streaming and beyond.

We open the show with a selection of (colonial/copyright) resistance music, and DJ Ripley takes us out with a selection of classic jungle and dancehall tunes that inspired her work as a musician and academic.

Listen below, or on Worldwide FM and follow us on Mixcloud.

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