10 Music Videos for the Weekend

Since it is Friday, I might as well put up a few music videos.

[10] First up is the Kano remix of The Very Best’s “Julia” (remember earlier this year’s excellent “The Warm Heart of Africa” album?):


[2] The subversive “Funny” by South African group Bed on Bricks [I first heard it used in a short film about Durban squatter movement, Abahlali baseMjondolo.


[3] Nigerian rapper Kel with “Waa waa alright.”


[4] Positive rap by a group of Ghanaian Hausa rappers:


[5] The very political Gabonese group Poetes Fyzik’s “Ce Que L’On Pense” [The video was shot at the recent 9th Annual Waga International Hip Hop Festival that took place in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in October 2009]:


[6] The Montreal-based Waahli’s “Sundance.”


[7] I love Georgia Ann Muldrew’s “Roses” collaboration with Mos Def. Here she is doing it sans Mos.


[8] “Special Girl” by Bangs. I am not sure about this song. Whether it is a parody or whether Bangs, a Sudanese rapper, is serious.


[9] “Aquarias” from Brooklyn singer Iyadede (her parents are from Rwanda):


And at [10] the energetic French “Sinik Rai”:


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