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That New York Times column about Cape Town

Let me be clear, because some responses suggest I was not in my recent column for the International New York Times: from just about every assessment, the City of Cape Town and the Western Cape are consistently rated among the top performing South African metros and provinces respectively in terms of governance and levels of service delivery. That said, if the Democratic Alliance [which governs the city] had its way, this should be the only basis by which the metro and province it governs are to be assessed: relative to other metros and provinces. If the African National Congress had its way, Cape Town and the Western Cape are to be assessed independently, with no reference to the other metros and provinces the ANC itself governs.

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Must Be Something in the Water

Seriously, this is not ironic. UNICEF is bottling Rihanna and other celebrities’ tap water and raffling it off. This is all–to coincide with Water Week–to raise awareness about “… the lack…..

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The producers at Al Jazeera English’s “People and Power” program investigates the appropriation of profits from rich natural resources, mainly oil, by Congo-Brazzaville’s political leadership. The family of life President…..

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The Darkness in Senegal

My former PhD adviser, David Styan, pointed me to this mixing of popular protest and music in Senegal (not widely reported in English speaking media):  Both old school crooner, Youssou…..

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For the next two days South Africa’s Constitutional Court (the equivalent of the Supreme Court) will hear “… the final appeal in a case brought by five Soweto residents challenging…..