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Africa Cup of Nations Memories: When Sudan scored their first AFCON goal in 32 years

Sudan had entered AFCON 2012 with 23 home-based players, all playing in Sudan. It was the first time they had qualified since 2008, and before that it was 1976. We were…..

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Africa Cup of Nations Memories: Cameroon’s shootout victory over Nigeria, enjoyed on VHS two days after the match

My favourite AFCON memory harks back to the year 2000 when Ghana and Nigeria co-hosted. To say it was a challenge to watch this competition is an understatement! This marked…..

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Why would a Black American root for Ghana’s soccer team over USA?

This post on The Outer Drive got me thinking about blackness and football, but first and foremost American blackness and football. (Not to say that nations and borders can confine…..

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Why was one of Africa’s greatest athletes forced to strip naked?

Genoveva Añonma, Captain of Equatorial Guinea’s National Women’s Team is a powerhouse on the pitch. Currently playing for FFC Turbine Potsdam in the Bundesliga (for whom she has scored 51…..

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Digital Archive No. 11 – African Hip Hop

This week I thought I’d try something a little different, inspired by some links I came across on Twitter.  Earlier this week, John Edwin Mason tweeted a story from The…..

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Many Terence Rangers

This is not an obituary of Terence Ranger; I am not qualified to write it. Nor is this a journal article; there are already a good number and there will…..

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Will Plan Central America be another Plan Colombia?

In an op-ed published by The New York Times, The United States vice-president Joe Biden announced the Government’s new plan to fight violence and poverty in Central America: “President Obama will…..

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Welcome to Teca: Bogotá’s Music

Welcome to Teca, Latin America is a Country’s own jukebox for up-and-coming Latin American music. Every Friday (or so) we’ll bring you some of the newest, most interesting artists from…..

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Will Chikungunya be the Media’s New Ebola?

Chikungunya is a virus transmitted by a mosquito bite. There is currently no vaccine, or cure for it, other than letting the symptoms flow their course. It is not lethal,…..

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Africa is a Radio: Episode #7

Africa is a Radio Episode 7 touches down in Nigeria, and quickly heads over to Burkina Faso to soundtrack recent events happening in that country. From political events in Burkina…..

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Africa is a Radio: Episode 6

Africa is a Radio episode 6 opens up with a transnational blend, combining remixes of Dotorado Pro’s “African Scream” with its sample source: DJ Sbu & Zahara’s “Lengoma.” From there…..

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Africa is a Radio: Epsiode 5

Africa is a Radio went on break last month along with Africa is a Country, so I’m just now able to get to posting July’s show here. This episode focuses…..

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Africa is a Radio: Episode 3

Episode 3 of Africa is a Country Radio is live on Groovalizacion and the AIAC Mixcloud page. This month is a music only episode because I had been touring the…..