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Weekend Music Break No.85 – The Dance Edition!

The weekend is here so let’s take a break to enjoy some music… and dance! This week’s edition is a collection of dance videos, official clips, fan made and otherwise……

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A reflection from being on the inside of the South African badvertising industry

One of the things you must accept when you work in the advertising industry is that it is made up of people who don’t care much about anything (except retaining…..

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Colombia, the peace process and a historic handshake

Some handshakes, either famously or infamously, have sealed an inflection point in the narrative course of history. Mandela and Frederik de Klerk, Pinochet and Kissinger, Raúl Castro and Obama. Last…..

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How to make sense of … the short-lived coup in Burkina Faso

The short-lived coup in Burkina Faso may be one of the quickest in the history of African military coups.  It merely lasted a week.  So, if you are still trying…..

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Losing London

“To journey is to be human. To migrate is to be human. Human migration forged the world. Human migration will forge the future,” writes Ishtiyaq Shukri in his first essay…..

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Awkward is the New Black, a short film on Youtube star Issa Rae

In 2012, Issa Rae, the American actress and writer, debuted her web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl (also known as ABG), equal satire and romantic comedy. Over two seasons,…..

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Achille Mbembe on The State of South African Political Life

In these times of urgency, when weak and lazy minds would like us to oppose “thought” to “direct action”; and when, precisely because of this propensity for “thoughtless action”, everything…..

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Come ride with Malitia Malimob

Africa is a Country ran a profile on Somalia-via-Seattle rap duo Malitia Malimob two years ago. On the heals of the release of their latest album, Seattle-based journalist Devon Leger sat…..

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The World Bank has a terrible memory

I am currently working on a small project with some colleagues on the economic impact of natural resources in developing countries. Most of my reading and interest in working on…..

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At the Heart of the West Indies Parade

In New York City, Labor Day is associated with the West Indies Carnival. This enormous parade is a magnetic force that attracts, on average, one million spectators every year. It…..

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“El Chapo”‘s (New) Escape

These days the fonda where I usually eat has been packed with Policía Federal officers. The fonda was designated as one of the official restaurants for the troop sent to Oaxaca to contain…..

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Flying to Frankfurt with a Super Eagle

I arrived at Murtala Muhammed airport after my last trip to Lagos dressed for the heat in drop crotch pants and a loose tank, both in varying shades of mottled…..

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Issa Hayatou: Most Valuable Player?

Every so often efforts are made to justify the world’s obsession with football by casting it as an engine for social development. Football is touted as having the potential to…..

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Are corrupt Africans really ruining FIFA?

We all know, thanks to the English FA chairman Greg Dyke and many other bigoted media commentators, that corruption at FIFA is caused by small African nations where greed is…..

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Here are our Africa Cup of Nations 2015 Awards

That was AFCON 2015. It was like 1992 all over again. The Ivorians are African champions after a nerve-shredding penalty shoot-out, and a Black Stars side led by an outstanding Number 10…..