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The Proper Use of a Vuvuzela

Geert Wilders, the rightwing Dutch politician was in New York last week to lend support to his American counterparts at a rally in lower Manhattan near the site of the…..

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Vuvuzelas All Around

Now that the criticisms of the vuvuzela have subsided and the sounds of the vuvuzela will soon take a break from the world stage too, we refer you to a…..

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Vuvuzela Bafana

Courtesy of Ghetto Bassquake (whose World Cup Rivalry series I highly recommend), and just in time for Bafana Bafana’s imminent kickoff against Uruguay, we bring you DJ Sbu’s “Vuvuzela Bafana,”…..

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Africa really is a country

While everybody back home in South Africa today celebrated Vuvuzela Day, the rest of us had to find something else with which to show our support for our local team…..

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The Vuvuzela in the Room

Celebrating the World Cup does not mean we can’t ask hard questions . No, not that the annoying vuvuzelas are banned, but that thousands of informal traders will lose income…..