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Heaps of Scrap for Africa

We were almost convinced it was a spoof when we stumbled upon the following video. Entitled ‘Go For Africa’ the video features a number of Dutch people loading a sea…..

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'Slavery, The Game'

While watching out for Fifa 12, I got distracted by this Youtube “commercial” for  another video game, “Slavery: The Game.”  Within days it had half a million views. Watch the…..

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Cape Dutch

Anyone familiar with South Africa knows that its impact with the Dutch produced a contentious past-– a historical collision that had enough momentum to produce repercussions in the present. But you wouldn’t guess any of that if you landed here in the Cape on Tuesday night.

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Black and White

From the Youtube channel of the excellent Dutch film production company,  ITVS.   This video insert is from the exhibition “Black is Beautiful.”

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A Dutch White Christmas

This is how they celebate Christmas in the Netherlands complete with Father Christmas and his helpers in blackface. A Dutch friend of mine provides some context: … Racism in Holland…..

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I like this Dutch’s rapper’s flow. I also like it because I understand the lyrics.