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Shameless Self Promotion

My interview with South African photographer David Goldblatt about cultural amnesia. It appeared in my favourite “serious” online journal, “The Johannesburg Salon.” Read it here. —Neelika Jayawardane.

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Football Rivalries

Football fan, writer and broadcaster David Goldblatt goes in search of football rivalries in Accra, Cairo, Milan and Newcastle for the BBC. A fan in Ghana tells Goldblatt, “I started…..

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David Goldblatt @ The Jewish Museum

A major retrospective of David Goldblatt‘s photographs opens next month at the Jewish Museum on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. (Previews are next week). I am especially looking forward…..

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Fred Ritchin (associate professor of photography and communications at New York University‚Äôs Tisch School of the Arts and a new media consultant to news and photo organizations) reviews the exhibition…..

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“Intersections Intersected,” an exhibition of David Goldblatt’s photography at the New Museum on the Lower East Side of Manhattan through October 11, 2009. The exhibition is also accompanied by a…..