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When Chinua Achebe went to Sweden

In October-November 1988, Chinua Achebe travelled through Scandinavia to launch the translations of his novel Anthills of the Savannah into Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish, and to meet readers, writers and…..

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How to deal with reporters like Alex Preston

So journalist Alex Preston jetted into town from a posh Western capital. Alex Preston went to a Nigerian city of eerie silence, billowing clouds of dust, darkness and war. Alex…..

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L’Afrique Est Un Pays

This past October was the Dutty Artz crew’s 6 year anniversary, so we decided to celebrate by releasing a compilation in the form of a series of four free geographically-oriented EPs…..

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The story of how the most famous portrait of a young Chinua Achebe was taken

When the great Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe died this April, one of the photographs used repeatedly to illustrate stories or obituaries was a portrait taken of him in 1959 by the American photographer Eliot Elisofon. It is useful to unpack the image, a conventional portrait of Achebe leaning on a desk with two copies of Things Fall Apart in front of him. A photograph, a snapshot, the filtering of the lost moment, is always more than the visual graphics and the intended ‘message’ it proffers to mediate.

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The left winger

“Me, for example, I’m a left winger, everyone knows that.”–Robert Bolaño, “The Return” It always seemed to me that the left legged player got a place in a football team for…..

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Chinua Achebe The Writer Lives On

By Mukoma Wa Ngugi “Sir, I am very happy to finally meet you in person – I have read all your books,” a man gushed to my father, Ngugi Wa…..

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Chinua Achebe 1930-2013

Age was respected among his people, but achievement was revered. As the elders said, if a child washed his hands he could eat with kings.  — Things Fall Apart. It…..