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See our submission guidelines, then send your submission to: ideas [at] africasacountry.com 

For Latin America is a Country send to: latinamericaisacountry [at] gmail.com

*send all music promo and demos to – music [at] africasacountry.com
*all other submissions for review (art, books, film, events, etc) – reviews [at] africasacountry.com

Sponsorship/Media Partnership/Advertising

We don’t publish infomercials, advertorials or glorified press releases as posts on Africa is a Country, articles are not a substitute for advertising.

However, if your film festival, gallery, magazine/journal, organization or business would like to collaborate with us, or would like to be a media partner or sponsor, we’d like to talk to you about that! Send us a message at — ads [at] africasacountry.com