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Submission Guidelines

AIAC’s word count for posts is usually 700-800 words. We do, occasionally, accept longer posts; if the post’s content warrants it (and we realize sometimes it does), we’ll take submissions of 900 words or a little more. What matters: that the issue is timely, compelling, and you, as the writer, keeps the readers’ interest. Be detailed, back up with hyper links (not footnotes or citations), and inform your audience. Music videos and film reviews with strong introductions and critiques can be short and sweet.

Before submitting work: please look up AIAC posts on similar topics; it’ll help you write to our audience. Your personal style is welcome; however, style doesn’t necessitate that the substance is casually researched. It’s always about finding balance: keep your writing accessible—don’t assume knowledge on the reader’s part. But don’t dumb it down either—our readers are knowledgeable, and will call you out. If you are negative, be fair.

Edits: It’s not personal, just business. Good, informative, critical writing is a skill, and grown-ups have to deal with rejection, even when our work is “good.” Trust that we know how our audience reads, and what reads well on the web.

How to submit a post

1) A ‘Word’ attachment (we prefer .doc to .docx) in Times New Roman font. Do not send the submission in the text of the e-mail itself.

2) Suggested title of work. (We may change this suggested title)

3) Your name.

4) A brief (one to two sentences) bio (include email or web address, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram—we’ll tag you, and that will mean more traffic coming your way!).

5) Include any relevant images / videos, soundclouds, etc. Non-copyrighted photos suggested—please use Wikimedia, Flickr Creative Commons or another source that allows photo sharing. If you send images, attached these as jpegs or clearly list the URL(s) of the jpe(s). Try to keep image sizes at around 120 KB.

6) Send in an email to ideas [at]

Other things

Payment: Short answer is that we don’t pay people for unsolicited submissions. We do, however, offer incentives for consistent contributors.

Publicity for your writing: If accepted and published, please feature your AIAC work on your website, in your portfolio, etc.—the more you feature it in your personal sphere, and email it to friends, the more traction and traffic it will get.

We’re happy for you if you are able to sell the work you publish here elsewhere; however, please make sure that Africa’s a Country is credited and linked to.