Rick Ross is a Country

Yesterday outsized rapper Rick Ross (twitter handle: “Mastermind”) tweeted two pieces of exciting news at once: firstly that he had landed “in the beautiful country of Africa” and secondly that the anticipated release of labelmate Wale’s album “The Gifted” was getting a lot of buzz. At least two things didn’t make sense. How has Ross (no relation to AIAC’s blogger of that name btw) not figured this thing out for himself yet? We know he’s already been to at least three African countries — South Africa, Gabon and Nigeria. And even then, why didn’t Wale, whose parents are Nigerian immigrants to the US and who is probably (?) traveling with Ross, intervene to prevent the man with the dollar signs in his name from thrusting his foot so forcefully into his mouth? In any case, Twitter did not waste time in ridiculing Mr Ross. Below we’ve listed some of the responses to Ross’ gaffe; they range from writer Teju Cole, comedian Trevor Noah, to assorted fans of the man who calls himself “Da Boss”. See if you can spot the theme that emerged.

Of course, if you want premium-quality scorn you have to ask the Nigerians. The music video Rozay shot in Lagos in September met with the frostiest of receptions from the townspeople. The place to go, as ever, was the comment section of Linda Ikeji’s blog (we blogged about it at the time).

“My prayer,” wrote one reviewer, “is that lightning will strike Rick Ross and hailstones will wipe out his entire family even to generations yet unborn.”

“Dis one wen fat like balloon,” concluded another. “Dirty he-goat.”

The only saving grace for Rick is that his wasn’t even the barmiest “landing in Africa” tweet by an American musician. He’s going to have to try much harder if he’s going to take that title off Lady Gaga.



Africa is a Country

Not the continent with 54 countries.

  1. I was going to admit to often substituting Cape Town for South Africa, but maybe this isn’t the time and place ;)

  2. man boobs + dead presidents …. he should know better especially after all the parties Lagos bigs boys have thrown for him … but do you blame him? all seems like one country of party booze and girls based on his company there everytime he goes …

  3. I don’t mean to be a party pooper here, but isn’t there a difference between a Nation and a Country? You could describe Africa as “a country”, even though it’s divided into nations. Like you could describe pre-colonized America as a country, even though it was made up of several tribal nations. You could also describe Britain as a country.

    1. No, EV, you cannot.

      Africa is a continent! It is made up of…what? 54 countries? A country is a self-governing political entity. A nation is a group of people who share the same culture but do not have sovereignty. There very may well be many nations within countries on the continent of Africa, but my dear, Africa is a continent.

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Not the continent with 54 countries

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