Beyoncé and the Hyena

American R&B singer Beyonce has described the new video for her single “Run This World (Girls)” as “futuristic,” “electronic” and “African.” Of the overload of half-references in the video, some things came to mind: Pieter Hugo‘s hyena men (or rather, the hyenas on a leash) make an appearance, and so are the two pantsula dancers in Converse flanking her midway through the song. But the real question is what she doing planning to ‘build a nation’ or ‘take over the world’ from Georgia (the country)? –Tom Devriendt.



  1. What a silly song. But great to see mpantsula getting represented in something with such mass distribution.

  2. ..watchin' this vid [sound off] it only reminded me of the moves in Beat It clip by MJackson,, only this gang got better legs.
    Good for Pieter Hugo that using a hyena is already a ref to his work all ways it will bring him more fame so what is the problemo,, its all money biss

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