Latin American Lessons

Since 2018, leftists presidents have won office in Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Honduras, Chile, and Colombia. Brazil looks likely too. What’s behind Latin America’s new Pink Tide? What can the left elsewhere, especially in Africa, learn from this? Will Shoki edits a series for us.

The challenge presented by Argentina: What is the best way to deal with global fiscal pressures in a local context of high expectations and public demands?

Lula's challenge in Brazil: To be successful with proposed reforms, he’d need to take back the anti-systemic appeal stolen by the far-right.

Mexico’s president has a mandate for radical change, but this change must be negotiated within a context of limits produced by the neoliberal period itself.

While Chileans have defeated the post-authoritarian neoliberal regime, they face major obstacles on the road to a post-neoliberal social democracy.

Xiomara Castro’s leftist government must create capacity for self-determination in a state vulnerable to US pressure and constructed to serve monopoly capital.

The left's win in Colombia signals that after more than six decades of war, people just want to live with dignity and in peace.