Africa's Artists Talk Back

Interviews conducted with contemporary artists from Africa and its diaspora by contributing editor and art historian, Drew Thompson.

What is one particular place when represented photographically?

The painter Cassi Namoda situates herself squarely in the artistic history of Mozambique, especially its rich tradition of anticolonial photography, as she turns outwards to the world.

Three prominent curators on how they are (re-)situating their respective curatorial practices in relation to the political moment.

The painter Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi speaks to Drew Thompson about the evolution of her practice and how she locates herself in contemporary African art.

The painter talks about how the distance between Nairobi and London allows him to take on topics at the heart of Kenya’s body politic.

Meleko Mokgosi’s multimedia works offer complex views of history and powerful critiques of pan-Africanism and the postcolonial moment we are currently living.