Those brilliant satirists over at SAIH are back with another take down of the never ending quest to save Africa… with a trivia game show that validates this very website’s existence:

As we noted last week, the Rusty Radiator and Golden Radiator awards are on once again. Just as many are taking up the call to save Africa this christmas time, you too can do your part. However, our call to action is for you to hold accountable the Geldof types of the world by helping to choose the winners of this year’s contest. Head on over to the awards website, where you can watch all the videos for both the Rusty and the Golden radiators, and cast your votes for the worst and best in each category.

Of course, one award has already been decided… because the lifetime achievement Rusty Radiator goes to Sir Bob! Many congratulations to you sir. You are one song away from saving Africa!

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