With the help of Bunce Booking and Africa is a Country, Dutty Artz presents the 2nd iteration of the Change The Mood series: Africans Are Real.

In a world of fast-paced information exchange and trending-topic fueled disposable culture, the Change The Mood series seeks to challenge club-going norms by explicitly connecting a hype party theme to its greater social context.

This edition of Change The Mood borrows its subtitle from the Africans Are Real EP by Dutty Artz recording artist Lamin Fofana. This occasion will mark his latest and most accomplished release to date. The title of the EP fits firmly into the tradition of Binyavanga Wainiana’s “How to Write About Africa” which has set the standard for criticism on Western media’s take on Africa. To especially commemorate the release of Africans Are Real, Binyavanga will make his DJing debut at Change The Mood!

Africa is a Country will be responsible for visuals during the night, kicking off with a screening of Puma’s Films for Peace 2012 series. We’ve also have some very exciting Dutty Artz affiliated live performers. Lamin Fofana will be performing a live set of original material. Sierra Leonean street musician Sorie Kondi, who appeared on Chief Boima’s African in NY EP, will be making his New York debut. Brooklyn- based Old Money, whose song “African Kids” is what “How to Write About Africa” would have been if Binayvanga was a rapper, will round out live performances. Dutty Artz crew members Chief Boima and Matt Shadetek, who both have production credits on Africans Are Real will be doing DJ sets in support, as well as Brooklyn-based GiKu.

RSVP on Facebook and pre-sale tickets available: http://www.publicassemblynyc.com/?wtpage=event&id=4340

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