The Toto ‘Africa’ Meme, N°4: The Europe Edition

I can’t lie, Europeans love Toto’s “Africa.” First up there’s the massive Slovenian acapella choir Perpetuum Jazzile (below) that has been viewed more than 12 million times (when I last counted earlier this week) on Youtube where it attracts comments like “unusual and interesting” or “the two women to our right of the main male singer are hot;” then there’s the Dutch street organ (imagine what Toto would have sounded like in the 19th century), a German trio, and the devotion of Serbian fans who decided to subtitle the original.

BTW, following our earlier meme posts, blogger and musicologist Wayne & Wax felt inspired to write a long post about the “Africanness” of the actual tune. Some of his readers dug up a Senegalese rap cover (Ethan Zuckerman is a hip hop head?!), a Ghostface vs Toto remix and a rap over the credits of American TV show, “Community,” by actual rapper Donald Glover and Betty White.

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