The Ghanian Hip Hop pranksters FOKN Bois (who are deliberately setting out to prove that Ghanaian music is more than highlife, hiplife or azonto) are back with perhaps their craziest project yet. In celebration of yesterday’s day of christian love, they bring us the world’s first “Gospel Porn album by the most politically incorrect Christian Rap group of the times.”

[bandcamp album=512663441  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

Um… need I say more?

Ok a little bit more…


Take that to your African art class!

The FOKN Bois will be touring Babylon this Spring:

13 March – SXSW, Texas
16 March – Cologne, Germany
17 March – Berlin, Germany
23 March – Copenhagen, Denmark
24 March – Stockholm, Sweden
06 April – Munich, Germany

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