“Idioma Comum” is a new exhibition at the Fundação PLMJ in Lisbon, Portugal. It features some of AIAC favorites such as Kiluanji Kia Henda, Lino Damião, Mário Macilau, Mauro Pinto, Celestino Mudaulane, René Tavares (see video above), Jorge Dias and Yonamine. Also listed are Abraão Vicente, Délio Jasse, Flávio Miranda, Ihosvanny, Pinto and Julia Kater.

From the press release:

The collection focuses on young artists, mostly Angolans and Mozambicans, but also other nationalities of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (…) The exhibited works are characterized by a contemporary language, marked by a world vision of a cosmopolitan matrix, covering both the local cultural reality and the global social order in a post-colonial era. It is therefore the common artistic language of the young artists to which the title of this exhibition refers …

The exhibition runs until March 26.

Address: Rua Rodrigues Sampaio 29, Lisbon.

– Tom Devriendt

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