Photographer Henry Leutwyler‘s images of artifacts from Michael Jackson’s Neverland estate–the place where  Jackson lived and chose to “model his private life on Peter Pan and the Lost Boys”–is worth checking out online. (It’s also on display if you are in L.A.)

BTW, Michael Jackson costumes got me thinking. Though Jackson mostly dressed like a character from a 19th century British fantasy (like above, unpack that), he’s style on- and off-stage often veered to that of the stereotype of the stereotype of a third world dictator–complete with shiny medals–and he was not immune to “Coming to America“-like visions of Africa.  Remember the visuals for his music video (at the start of the video at least) for his 80s hit, “Liberian Girl” or even better, for “Remember the Time“? Of course I danced to it. And so probably did you.


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