The young people in Brooklyn continually amaze me.

I spotted this guy (whose name I mistakenly did not get) at Brooklyn’s Afropunk festival this last weekend. See more pics of the festival here.

It’s likely that this young man hadn’t been born yet when Namibia finally achieved independence in 1990, but he told me that his dad worked stateside as a lawyer for SWAPO (the popular liberation movement in Namibia) during the struggle.

The disjuncture between young people and the liberation movements of their parents has become so great that a sight like this is awesome. Outside the context of current governments, what do the acronyms of Africa’s ‘former’ struggles represent these days? Vintage apparel? (I have a “Mandela for President” t-shirt that I wear when I want to feel proud of human achievement).

p.s. That’s his cousin on the left. Also, the International African Arts Festival will be taking place this coming weekend in Brooklyn. Find info here.

Allison Swank

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