So Marthinus van Schalkwyk, the last leader of the racist National Party (that was the party who invented Apartheid and governed South Africa from 1948 till democracy came) is the favorite for the United Nations’ top climate post, as director of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, and to force industrial nations to hopefully reach a legally binding climate change agreement.  (The current leader is resigning.).  In the popular memory Van Schalkwyk is remembered more for his inexperience and disastrous leadership of that party (journalists dubbed him “kortbroek” for short pants). Now, as the Associated Press, writes Van Schalkwyk, who served as environmental minister in Thabo Mbeki’s government, “has a reputation as a bridge builder” and has “earned a great deal of respect for being very engaged and informed.” Kyk jhy.

Somebody should read this to Helen Zille.

[The New York Times]

Sean Jacobs

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