Senegal’s 83-year old president, Abdoulaye Wade, is running for a third term.  What is it with these guys? Don’t they know when to go? The last time when he won, the opposition had a good case for electoral fraud. Wade is very unpopular because of his regime’s association with growing poverty, corruption and pink elephant projects.  One of Wade’s more articulate critics, is the rapper, Awadi (who helped found that country’s first successful hip hop group, Positive Black Soul).

In the past Awadi has taken Wade on over the tragic deaths by drowning of young Senegalese who try to migrate away from the grinding poverty and lack of economic opportunities.

In this song, “Dans Mon Reve (In My Dreams), Awadi uses Obama and Martin Luther King to make his point about Wade’s disastrous rule.

In the category of good doses of pan-Africanism, for me this ranks up there with Youssouh N’Dour’s “New Africa”:


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