When South Africa’s President, Jacob Zuma, married his fifth wife a few weeks ago, the media focused on which one of his three remaining wives (he divorced one and another killed herself) would be named First Lady (the Presidency responded that South Africa does not have such a designation and that all three wives would fill the job depending on the occasion), the catering (more than a dozen sheep, goats and cows had been slaughtered for the feast) and the models of luxury cars parked outside the ceremony. But hardly anyone checked Zuma’s footwear.

The President, it seems, prefers Puma.

I can’t really make out the label, but my friend, David, claims he can.

That’s interesting given that Adidas merchandise will probably dominate the World Cup which South Africa will host later this year and the South African team wears Adidas. But Zuma won’t be alone: Africa’s five other teams will be wearing Puma.

Via Football is Coming Home.

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