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Morocco joins the miniskirt wars

On June 14, Sanae and Siham, 23 and 29 years old respectively, identified as students and professional hair stylists, went to shop in Inezgane, south of Agadir, on the southern…..

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The Real Housewives of Harare

It’s election season in Zimbabwe, and so, as before, the State has engaged in ‘urban renewal’ by ‘cleaning the streets.’ Under British rule, today’s Zimbabwean women fought for the right…..

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Salone Got Riddim

AIAC contributor Anni Lyngskaer just posted this short video showcasing the rhythm of daily life in Sierra Leone, and the dancing talents of the country’s women. It’s a really nicely shot…..

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Song and Dance

By Dan Moshenberg Tuesday, August 9, 2011, was the annual celebration, in South Africa, of National Women’s Day. This public holiday commemorates August 9, 1956, the women’s march on the…..

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The Rwandan Glass Ceiling

The second instalment of Dan Moshenberg’s weekly posts (his first here) on that place where gender, Africa and media collide.–Sean Jacobs By Dan Moshenberg Let’s talk about Rwandan women. Last…..

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The Judge

HBO has selected the documentary, “Courting Justice”, by American filmmakers Ruth Cowan and Jane Thandi Lipman (Cowan created, and Lipman directed the film) as a competition finalist in the Martha’s…..

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Republic of Women

70% of Rwanda’s population are women. Via A24media.com

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Images from Miss Authentica, a beauty competition in Cote d’Ivoire that promotes “natural” beauty. Only women with “untreated skin” can enter. Skin bleachers which contain cancer are used by 75%…..

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“Across sub-Saharan Africa, women have a one in 13 lifetime chance of dying in pregnancy and childbirth. In DR Congo’s North Kivu, where the basic kits and tools can be…..