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Africa’s media considered

By Elliot Ross, Guest Blogger We don’t give Africa a pass just because we are Africans. It’s a mistake to respond to blanket negative coverage with blanket positive coverage. Africa…..

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Wikileaks and "the ultimate show of power'

Slavoj Žižek, in a piece about Wikileaks, for the London Review of Books. The ultimate show of power on the part of the ruling ideology is to allow what appears to…..

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What do leftists make of Wikileaks?

Not everyone is so taken with what Wikileaks has wrought. I’d be curious to hear what some of you think of this take of Wikileaks and Assange, by a reader,…..

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Gaddafi's voluptuous Ukranian nurse

1. Anyone who has done any kind of archival research will know immediately the use of the WikiLeaks cables, and also their limits. Now that the superficial and the obvious…..