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Shit (some) South Africans say

When the ubiquitous “Shit (People) Say” meme was still popular, and after seeing the genuinely funny Shit Nigerians Say video, I thought about making a video myself about shit South…..

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The ‘Shit Nigerians Say’ video

EDITED: I promised myself we won’t post any of the “Shit People Say” videos–the best ones I’ve seen: Shit Girls Say; Shit Sri Lankan Mothers Say and Shit White Girls Say … To Black Girls……

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Viral Culture: The 2-year old rapper

By midday today almost 120,000 people had viewed the video of 2-year old Khaliyl Iloyi, the son of rappers Roucheon Iloyi and Femi Iloyi (aka smooflow). His parents together form…..

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The "South African" Office

10 minute rip-off of successful BBC TV series, “The Office,” for a local Youtube humor channel, NotOnTV.  Little different from the original, with a few nods to local conditions. Also…..