Vieux Farka Toure

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Music Break

The video for “All the Same” by Vieux Farka Toure, son of Ali, from his new album, “The Secret.” The song features the singer Dave Matthews (born in South Africa). Yes him.

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

‘The Secret’

No it’s not the formula to rid Libya of Gaddafi and his sons, but the announcement of Vieux Farka Toure’s new album next month.

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Fashion Bloggers

The Ghanaian-American fashion bloggers Street Etiquette are featured in this week’s episode of Radio Netherlands vlog What’s Up Africa!. So is Snoop Dogg’s very convincing Nigerian accent (at the 0;30 mark).

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Music Break

I have this track (and video) on repeat. The Sway Machinery featuring Malian singer Khaira Arby, “Gawad Teriamou.” The video was filmed in and around the Malian capital Bamako, “… while the Sway Machinery was recording their...

Monday, February 14th, 2011

The Grammys

Distracted by Cee Lo’s chicken suit or Lady Gaga’s latest stunt (she hatched from an egg), you may have missed Vieux Farka Touré accepting the Grammy for Best World Album on behalf of his father, Ali, and...

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