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#Hashtag Politics

Boima blogged here recently about UNICEF’s efforts to raise awareness about the drought in the Sahel; what he described as “a step in the right direction towards facilitating genuine empathy,…..

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Africa is a Country on Twitter and Facebook

This is just a reminder to not forget that we also have a new @Africasacountry account on Twitter where we tweet and retweet media criticism and analysis as well as…..

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Shameless Self Promotion

It’s that time of year again. The students in my required Media and Culture course at The New School (I have a day job yes) just uploaded their final projects–a…..

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Ingerland, Ingerland, Ingerland

Late last month the English goalkeeper David James wrote in The Observer that he was surprised at the accusations of racism against his national teammate John Terry. The latter was…..

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'Cameroon is Cameroon'

CORRECTED VERSION: Cameroon’s government, jittery about the role of social media in revolutions in North Africa, last week suspended Twitter SMS on a local cellphone network. Not everyone are convinced…..

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Sahara Reporters

Last December I met the impressive Omoyele Sowore, founder of Nigerian online news site, Sahara Reporters. I was chairing an independent media panel in Brooklyn ahead of the World Social…..

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We Are Not All Clay Shirky

Sophia Azeb Not to say that technology did not play a role in aiding the world’s ability to follow and support the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, but we must…..

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Africa is a Country @ Twitter

The World Cup is 3 days away. So everybody is writing, blogging, speaking, filming and broadcasting from or about Africa (well, specifically South Africa, but it does not stop them…..

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Twitter is a Country

I’ve been on Twitter for a minute now. You can follow me there or hit me up with suggestions for posts at that same profile. Hag kasher vesame`ah, mashallah.