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#Belated: Tumi And The Volume

Their stage act resembles an inside joke; they play tricks on the audience with a wry sense of humour which underlies the whole scenario. The guitarist will sommer play a…..

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Tumi Molekane’s New Song

With no Volume to his name, it seemed almost impossible to imagine South Africa-based self-proclaimed poet/emcee Tumi Molekane as a solo artist. He had released two albums before forming a…..

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Tumi's Tête Savante

We presume you’ve had Tumi and the Volume’s latest album, Pick A Dream, as much on repeat as we had this year. This the video for its opening track. Directed…..

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We have no money

New video for South African Tumi and The Volume’s ‘Asinamali’. You know what ‘Asinamali’ stands for, right?

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True Blood or Sushi

S: What does this say about contemporary white Afrikaans speaking music culture?

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Music Break / Tumi

The new video for “Bambazela,” the new single by Johannesburg rapper Tumi (of Tumi and the Volume). This time Tumi does not rap in his usual English only. Good for…..