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Pinkwashing South Africa

This week BBC News reported on the rise in Cape Town’s status as a premiere international gay tourist destination. The article itself went on to report at length from gay…..

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T.I.A. @ The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell, a symbol of the American Revolution, is housed in a complex on Market Street in Philadelphia, reminding us of liberties gained and liberties denied. It’s one of…..

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"Rhythm like you've never seen before"

I stand corrected, but no one mixes nationalism, tourism and sport in a feelgood cocktail quite like the South African advertising industry. Like in this TV commercial for South Africa’s…..

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Just as the football at the 2010 World Cup will be great, someone will make lots of money. It is not going to be local businesses for sure. This excellent…..

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The full film, about a Black Panther who fled Kansas City in the American Midwest in 1970 for a new life in Tanzania (by director Aaron Matthews), is now online.

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Slum tourism

In Kibera, the large informal settlement in Nairobi, the residents are paraded like animals on safari for foreign tourists: The Dutch tourists came well prepared for the walking safari: strong…..