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Toronto’s Afrofuture

Toronto’s downtown core feels like a city of the near-future these days. There’s the condo boom that, as someone said to me recently, makes TO feel like Gotham City on a sunny day; more and more surfaces are being used as a canvas for the bright barrage of shiny advertising, like a futuristic cautionary tale about corporatism and consumption; and there’s buildings you’ve long suspected are alien spaceships in disguise. Point is, Toronto lends itself to sci-fi imaginings, so it’s not surprising when Danilo the Artist says that he thinks Toronto could be a capital of Afrofuturism.

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Rob Ford and Canada’s “Somali Problem”

No matter where in the world you are, by now you have likely heard about Toronto mayor (to some a human trainwreck) Rob Ford and the infamous video in which he appears to smoke crack cocaine while making racist and homophobic remarks.

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Long Walk to Toronto

It is a warm and breezy Sunday afternoon in Toronto, just the kind of weather that makes us question whether we should be going into a dark movie house to catch one…..

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Chief Boima Interviews … Kae Sun

In our current #hashtag fueled media landscape, it is fairly hard for an up-and-coming artist to emerge outside of predetermined genre, social, or sonic signifiers. However, as an artist develops,…..

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Challenging stereotypes about Africans in Toronto

In Between Stories is a short 2012 documentary directed by Roda Siad. Originally Siad’s Master’s thesis in Media Production at Ryerson University, the film offers a portrait of four young…..

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The Vershtunkende Toronto Zoo

The sprawling Toronto Zoo clearly never heard about the controversy surrounding the German Augsburg Zoo’s experience of setting up an “African village” in the summer of 2005. If they had,…..

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Ian Kamau

I first heard this track, “Love it Here,” in the video above, in February this year when the Toronto rapper, Ian Kamau, released his 3rd mixtape, “Volume 3: Love &…..

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Zaki Ibrahim, 'Daylight'

Live video for “Daylight” by Canadian singer Zaki Ibrahim shot in central Cape Town as part of Taxijam, the “a series of intimate acoustic gigs shot in the back” of…..