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The loser mentality of white South Africans

The latest piece of mythological drivel on us South African whites was published in that most stoically smug of bourgeois publications, “The Economist,” with the title, “Braai the Beloved Country.” This piece (made the rather extraordinary claim that we have been politically and economically marginalized in South Africa since the inception of majority rule in 1994. Again the mainstream media are trying for force a victim/loser complex on White South Africa. All this pessimism is nauseating. We won the negotiated settlement and have been thriving ever since–let’s celebrate it for God’s sake!


The Economist's Africa

In May 2000 The Economist ran a cover story: “Africa. The Hopeless Continent.” People talked about it for a while afterward. It spawned countless op-eds about Afro-pessimism and -optimism. It even became the basis for “Contemporary African Politics” college courses for a while. Now last week, they ran a feature cover where the magazine predict a more hopeful scenario for the continent’s 54 states.