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How to deal with reporters like Alex Preston

So journalist Alex Preston jetted into town from a posh Western capital. Alex Preston went to a Nigerian city of eerie silence, billowing clouds of dust, darkness and war. Alex…..

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Rick Ross is a Country

Yesterday outsized rapper Rick Ross (twitter handle: “Mastermind”) tweeted two pieces of exciting news at once: firstly that he had landed “in the beautiful country of Africa” and secondly that…..

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What you should be reading

I wasn’t pleased with the selection of short stories listed for the Caine Prize this year. That list made African writing look bad. Truth be told, the problem associated with…..

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'Coming to America'

[vodpod id=Video.5972910&w=500&h=411&fv=videoId%3D897337827001%26amp%3BlinkBaseURL%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.newyorker.com%252Fvideo%253FvideoID%253D897337827001%26amp%3BplayerID%3D673564960001%26amp%3BplayerKey%3DAQ%7E%7E%2CAAAAAF1454s%7E%2CQH_ygumSKiVg91q-ZwBlqWe1HcfbhDds%26amp%3Bdomain%3Dembed%26amp%3BdynamicStreaming%3Dtrue] Writer Teju Cole— he has a new novel, “Open City”–talks and writes about identity and immigration to The New Yorker.

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Teju Cole takes the City

Our man Teju Cole’s novel “Open City,” set in post-9/11 New York City, is doing better than very well. The critics can’t stop raving about it. Now people need to…..

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Teju Cole's 'Open City'

The writer Teju Cole (remember him from the Africa’s World Cup panel at The New School and his excellent, short novella about Lagos, “Every Day for the Thief“) was recently…..

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Video: Africa's World Cup

I have been threatening to post the video of a panel discussion about the 2010 World Cup I hosted at The New School  earlier this month. Now I hope it…..

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Africa's World Cup @ The New School

Africa’s World Cup THE NEW SCHOOL, 66 WEST 12TH STREET.  Room 510 Date: May 4, 2010 Time: 3-5 pm FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. The 2010 World Cup is…..

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Film / New Documentary on Wole Soyinka

“Wole Soyinka: Child of the Forest,” director Akin Omotoso’s documentary film on the writer and activist Wole Soyinka will finally show here in New York City. On Friday, November 27,…..