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Ayn Rand in South Africa

Prince Albert, a backwater town in South Africa’s Karoo region, was the site of a truly world historic event on October 20th, 2013. The event in question was the official…..

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Tea Party in Somalia

Comedians, making a “PSA (Public Service Announcement) aimed at Tea Party members in the United States, get some cheap laughs out of Somalia’s predicament. H/T: Texas in Africa

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Mr Smith goes to Kenya

We know about the damage done in Uganda by the American Right. Now Mother Jones has a story about US Republican congressman Chris Smith who flew to Kenya–on taxpayers’ expense–recently…..

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John McCain 'prints his soul on Zimbabwe Dollars'

[vodpod id=Video.3381102&w=450&h=370&fv=] Jon Stewart, on last night’s “The Daily Show,” unpacks the maverick politics of John McCain, who is engaged in a tough re-election bid against a Tea Party candidate…..