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‘Films to fall asleep to’: Are development agencies derailing the film industry in Tanzania?

Smooth camera work. Masterful writing. Clear audio. Linear narratives. There are plenty of people who watch Hollywood films and think that their local films could look and feel more like the productions that grace movie theatres across American. Many point to African filmmakers lacking training, funds, and equipment as the major impediments to the “development” of African film industries. But what happens when western development agencies offer said training, funds, and equipment in exchange for carrying development messaging?


The Black Atlantis

I have been trying to attend as many of The Future Weird’s (see here, as…


We need to talk about Jeremy Clarkson

In the spirit of recent posts on AIAC about reality TV shows in Germany and Italy which use Africa as background to national television’s asinine imagination, I’d like to step back a few months and check out one of England’s own televised fits of historical delusion.