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Eugen Fischer, a notorious German eugenicist and Nazi whose theories inspired Hitler, who inspired researchers at South Africa's Stellenbosch University.

Transnational eugenics

In mid-September, writer Adam Cohen’s Imbeciles:  The Supreme Court, American Eugenics, and the Sterilization of Carrie …

Angela Davis meets Zulaikha Patel, the student at the lead of the protests at Pretoria Girls High. Image credit Leila Dee Dougan

Policing black women’s hair

The thickness and texture of my black hair was under constant scrutiny when I was a child. My aunt used to call me bossi…

Edge of Wrong - Niklas Zimmer

The Edge of Wrong

“The closer to the edge you are, the more you see of the beautiful valley.” These words, roughly, were attributed to Sou…

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