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When W magazine went to Johannesburg

Praise be to W magazine for its vanguardism! They have finally and single-handedly put the rest of the world on to how hip, cosmopolitan, and modern the city of Johannesburg…..

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"The creative street vibes of South Africa"

On Saturday, ¬†26 March at the Swedish CinemAfrica Festival the film directors Teddy Goitom and Benjamin Taft of Stocktown TV will premiere their ode to new South African hipsters:”Stocktown South…..

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Postcard from Jo'burg

Like many others, US photographer Krisanne Johnson headed to South Africa earlier this month but, as The New Yorker points out, she didn’t go there for the football. Johnson has…..

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Not Julius Malema's Youth League

I’ve blogged before (at my old blog address) about the Johannesburg fashion movement, The Smarteez. (More exclusive than the mass outlet Amakipkip.) Now Dazed Magazine have discovered them. For its…..