Sathima Bea Benjamin


Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Sathima Benjamin, jazz and postwar “modern” Africa

The life and career of the South African jazz singer Sathima Bea Benjamin have been the subject of both popular and scholarly attention lately. In the last two years alone, she’s been the subject of an excellent documentary film (Sathima’s Windsong by anthropologist Daniel Yon) and one of four jazz musicians profiled in “Africa Speaks, America Answers: Modern Jazz

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Sathima Bea Benjamin’s Windsong

In Toronto-based Dan Yon's documentary of Sathima “Bea” Benjamin, the Cape Town-born jazz singer, the narration moves back and forth between New York City, where Benjamin was a long-term resident, and Cape Town, where she began singing...

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

New book on ‘how modern Africa reshaped jazz’

Following his lengthy Thelonius Monk biography, historian Robin DG Kelley, has a new book, “Africa Speaks, America Answers,” on how “modern Africa reshaped jazz, how modern jazz helped form a new African identity, and how musical convergences...

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

When Monk met Dollar Brand

From historian Robin Kelley’s retelling of the day in 1964 that Thelonious Monk met the South African jazz pianist Abdullah Ibrahim, then still known as Dollar Brand: … were at Kongresshaus in Zurich...