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Independence August

Since we’ll be on break for a minute (details tomorrow) when the following central African countries celebrate their independence days, let’s do a quick roundup for Central African Republic, Congo…..

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'White Music for Black People'*

It must be the weather. Something (“Everlasting Gobstopper,” released in 2008) from the brothers, Daniel and Danny Chavis, better known as Apollo Heights. * That’s the name of their 2007 LP…..

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Blk Jks, Molalatladi

The editing and cinematography for music videos by South African music acts keep on improving.. Take this new music video for the song “Molalatladi” by Johannesburg rockers, Blk Jks. Directed…..

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Short video interview by Afropop of Johannesburg rock group, BLK JKS (you know I like their music) about their new album, “After Robots.” (Interview was uploaded last month).