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Jazz in Cape Town

In Cape Town jazz here is not just jazz. It’s a whole lot more. For one, it is a dance style that continues to be the predominant feature of successive generations of Cape Flats families. Almost similar to what is called salsa in the Latino communities, jazzing on the Cape Flats is now somewhat of a tradition. And I use tradition in a deliberate way, to think about inheritances of practices that are shared, dynamic and made and remade anew, but always defined also by what is continued as it is passed down.

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Our People

This past summer at least three prominent figures of the Cape Town jazz scene–the saxophone players Robbie Jansen and Ezra Ngcukana and, most recently, pianist and historian Vincent Kolbe–passed.

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How The Mighty Have Fallen

Two of South Africa’s most talented musicians of the last 30 years, Robbie Jansen (1949-2010), sax and flute player who was in a band with Abdullah Ibrahim, and Nana Coyote…..

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New Year's Day (Tweede Nuwejaar)

Around this time every year I miss the place where I was born and grew up. (I make it there every other December). Right now I am in northern Wyoming…..

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Robbie Jansen (a Cape Town alumnus of Abdullah Ibrahim’s various bands) turns 60 today. Jansen, who fell ill last year, now performs with an oxygen tank close by.  The video…..