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No More Bantu Education

Some of you probably heard about Equal Education, a new South African mass movement to campaign for and end to education disparities inherited from Apartheid and neglected by the democratic…..

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"We want what's our (land)"

“We Want What’s Ours,” a documentary film in progress on the complications of land reform in South Africa in Soweto–in this case competing claims between groups of black South Africans–by…..

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Word for Word: Desmond Tutu

I think we are at a bad place in South Africa, and especially when you contrast it with the Mandela era. Many of the things that we dreamt were possible…..

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The Radio Kalahari Orkes

Let’s talk about the video for the song, “Staan My By” by Die Radio Kalahari Orkes, a South African band that count among its members the controversial author Rian Malan…..

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Researcher Kelly Rosenthal writing in the Mail & Guardian about witnessing the beat-down of a poor black homeless man by black security guards in a shopping mall in Cape Town…..

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Description of panel, titled “Mandela’s Ego,” scheduled for Friday, September 18, at The New Museum on the Bowery: Members of South Africa’s Generation X speak about the intricacies of post-coloniality……

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For the next two days South Africa’s Constitutional Court (the equivalent of the Supreme Court) will hear “… the final appeal in a case brought by five Soweto residents challenging…..