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So What Happens #AfterRhodesFalls?

“My brother, please come and join us.” These were Chumani Maxwele’s disarming words that drew me in from being a curious observer of the student action at the statue of…..

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Nigeria: What is to be Done?

This Saturday, March 28, Nigerians vote again. What is at stake? And what happens after the elections? We brought together a group of scholars to explore some of these issues–an…..

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#RhodesMustFall: The View from Zimbabwe

Cecil John Rhodes couldn’t have imagined, when he was setting up the template for Apartheid and furthering British imperialism in Africa over a century ago, that one day a statue…..

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Africa is a Radio: Season 2, Episode 1

Africa is a Radio Season 2 is here! In our inaugural episode, we have added two hosts, Sean Jacobs and Elliot Ross of this site! In the first episode they have…..

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It’s Not Just About Cecil John Rhodes

In the past week I received an email from my alma mater requesting the University of Cape Town (UCT) alumni to comment on the Student Representative Council’s calls for the…..

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Rhodes Must Fall Everywhere

As I write, students at the University of Cape Town (UCT) are occupying an administration building demanding the removal of a statue of Cecil John Rhodes, who keeps watch over…..