4 minutes read

The problem with the word “genocide”

A century ago, Turkish forces slaughtered more than one million Armenian children, women, and men. This weekend, public conversations during the event’s centenary centered around the politics of deploying the “g-word”—genocide–as…..

7 minutes read

The Rise of a Post-colonial University

In the last two weeks, students belonging to the #RhodesMustFall collective have rechristened and remade of one of University of Cape Town’s key administrative building as ‘Azania House.’ They have…..

12 minutes read

How to Govern Nigeria

“Too much of a sense of identity makes a man think he can do no wrong; too little does the same.” –Djuna Barnes (quoted in James Baldwin, “Princes and Powers,”…..

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Jonathan Runs Out of Goodluck

In the end, nothing could save President Goodluck Jonathan. Neither the belated effort, using foreign troops and mercenaries, to roll back Boko Haram’s military gains. Nor the last minute ‘cash…..

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Should the African Union Run a Country?

In 2001, the African Union (AU) was established to distance itself from its predecessor, the Organization of African Unity (OAU), which had been formed in 1963 to rid the continent…..